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Aside from the fact that the newer file is a higher pixel dimension requiring more processing to decode and preview, the HEVC codec is more difficult to decode. Job offers - how to negotiate higher salary due to higher costs of living at the new location, How to deal with a younger coworker who is too reliant on online sources, Align equivalence arrows and equal signs without weird spacing. I would just use ffmpeg v4.x now and just use a command like

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So it seems that this is a good working script for converting 4K YUV420 footage to 1080p YUV444 footage with amazing results! Presuming your TV supports bt.2020 HDR then you need to use an encoder that can encode to that standard. Note it also has a red tint when I export to Prores with the original script by karl, and also when pix_fmts=yuv444p10le is not used (thus I presume 8 bits per pixel are used).

Moreover, it has many 4K output formats, so you can convert the 4K video to MP4, MKV, MOV, etc. Plug-In  Name: mxhevcplug.dll  Folder: C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 16.0\FileIO Plug-Ins\mxhevcplug  Format: Intel HEVC  Version: Version 1.0 (Build 8532)  Company: MAGIX Computer Products Intl. The Vegas Creative Software Support Community – Find help here. However, the aforementioned technique doesn't seem to work with 4k videos.

FFmpeg scale video filter does not working as expected.
And it will keep the high video quality as much as possible for you after downscaling 4K to 1080P.

The most important final step is converting 4K to 1080P. However, the image has a slight red tint compared to the original. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy.

1.If the specifications of the computer's CPU and graphics card are not high enough to play 4K video, it would even cause a computer freeze if insisted on playing it.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. which compatible with your devices. https://www.youtube.com/user/thedennischannel. I have been using this FFmpeg technique to convert them from .mov files to .mp4 files. Next, we have some extra content which list several problems you may meet concerning about 4K videos. The 1080p file is encoded with AVC while the UHD file is encoded with HEVC. Besides, the mainstream computer screen resolution is still 1080P for now. How to fade out mp4 audio AND video with FFmpeg? for %%a in ("*.mov") do ffmpeg -i "%%a" -vcodec copy -acodec copy "%%~na.mp4". ffmpeg -i "infile" -c:v libx265 -pix_fmt yuv444p -crf 18 "outfile". Any example FFMPEG commandlines and/or link(s) would be very greatly appreciated.

In Linux, as you know, you have to make the ffmpeg after the driver of NVIDIA is installed.

Just click the "Add Files" button on the main interface to load source 4K video. So, you can convert your 4K videos to 1080P, or some other resolution of your preference. window.__mirage2 = {petok:"779cd526ebe7d76d8cf36244f2e746502d2795dd-1600928748-1800"}; 2. Fail to upload 4K video to sites like Instagram, Myspace, etc. "VEGAS runs noticeably slower when I'm using the converted 4k videos.".

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