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I really like the new packaging, it makes the products feel a little more premium. Namely an RCA and an XLR output. If you press the center button it will change the output to RCA only, XLR only or RCA+XLR at the same time. Gets me fatigued extremely fast. The sound is never forced, it is grain free and crystal clear. Have you considered exchanging the unit in case yours is faulty?

To let the DAC chip, breathe and work at its maximum potential two femtosecond crystal clocks from Accusilicon were used controlled by the Altera FPGA for the best results. I2S input. The DAC has digital filters (AK4499) which is fairly common, sound differences are subtle but you can fine tune it to your liking.

For starters there isn’t a single visible screw on any side, you can spot them only on the back plate and underneath it. Again like the DX7 Pro, the D90 is much sleeker than earlier Topping products, the case is perfectly machined and shaped, and it feels very solid. I agree with you 100%. The The D90’s front has a centered OLED screen and buttons on the left and right of it. D90 is putting everything in front of me on a plate, like: here’s everything and listen to any sound you want from this plate. Same applies to DAC chips, as strange as it might sound, bigger DAC chips means better performance and much higher power consumption. Run only by me, Oscar Stewart, I have a passion for good quality audio and I try to be as honest as possible in my reviews, portraying my subjective opinion. For me, D90 is definitely a genre master that plays exceptionally well everything from relaxing and soothing tunes to fast executed and wild slamming bass riffs. Compared to the new SMSL M300 MKII (AKM 4497) which haves it all & more compared to the D90 for small performance penalty of 2/8 dB in single/multi tone test and cost’s significantly less (240$) it is not.

Detailed Neutral DAC - $699 for details that normally cost $2000+. It's so neutral that it is ruler flat, to some that is excellent, to others it may sound lifeless. In 2016 and 2019, we purchased professional audio testers APx555 and APx555B from Audio Precision, which are the top audio testers in the industry nowadays, for R&D and mass production testing. All opinions expressed are my own subjective findings, Gear Used: Pre-amp output setting lowers sound quality. Required fields are marked *. Who thought playing out of tune would make him so loved, I miss the old man, the good part is that I can resurrect him when and where I want with a DAC of this caliber at my side, it can sound smooth and gentle with a guitar that weeps with the right recording. Firstly I would like to thank Topping for sending me this sample to review. These clocks are paired with an Altera Max II CPLD, which is an FPGA from Intel. The D90 arrived in a medium sized black box with a silver embossed Topping logo on top. A great review! I like that it has rounded edges, so it will not damage my headphones when I’m handling them around, I like the flushed buttons on the face plate, I like the satisfying click sound they make when pressed, the buttons are firmly attached to the device and are not wobbling around.

I can’t believe I’m listening to a 40-year old recording, it sounds like it’s happening right now, so alive and natural. These guys are using only musical instruments, including lots and lots of hidden and small details that a lower tier DAC might not even show. The D90 is the better DAC if you don’t need a headphone amp built in. My Video Review: I knew Topping was brewing something new about one year ago, something that would sit on an iron throne in their product line, in the summer of 2019 I found out it’s their flagship D90 DAC that just entered its final polishing stage. I’m glad Topping took out the best parts of DX7 PRO and D70 as their newest metal enclosure, Bluetooth capabilities, high-performance Accusilicon femtosecond clocks, the best XMOS interface and put all that inside D90, they also replaced two AK4497EQ DAC chips with a single top-of-the-line AK4499 DAC chip and achieved a staggering measured performance of 127 dB of dynamic range and 122 dB of SINAD. RCA and XLR outputs can be separately disabled. The clever part is that Topping used 2 outputs in parallel working as a single channel, by doing that they squeezed the best of out this silicon, I’m impressed.

XLR out is fantastic in measurements and sound quality. This is the first time I can say the same about an AKM based design. When it comes to midrange D90 is absolutely impressive and there is not much to say about it. Also – upsampling to DSD 256 is quite special on this unit. – Headfonia Store aka Michael Ting! Is the D90 deserves the increasing of price ? Any music loving computer geek should try this combo in my opinion. When it comes to music reproduction, they both are more alike than different.

Drivers from Topping web site make a huge difference as well.. (. I don’t mean just a wider soundstage that usual, not at all, I mean that every single note is like floating individually to the other one near it, the gap between all notes is bigger, you feel like there is more air in the room. The D90 has a dynamic range of 127/123dB (XLR/RCA) and a THD+N of 0.00009/0.00013% at 1kHz (XLR/RCA). We are definitely at that point with DACs where the D90 provides, in my opinion, all the fidelity you could possibly want out of a digital source. Disclaimer: Topping provided the D90 free of charge for this review. Point of the DAC is to stay transparent! JavaScript is disabled.

The D90 stayed firmly put in my shelves. The front panel is really simple, the On/Off button on the left works as an input selector and a longer press will turn it Off or On. More comments about D90 or our other products are welcomed. The OLED screen in the middle will show all the important information as the selected input, output, the sample rate, the PCM or DSD data stream and the volume position. Have you downloaded the latest drivers and firmware from Topping's website? As with all Topping products, D90 came double boxed, the smaller product box has an insane amount of foam for extra protection. It doesn’t have any sharp edges anywhere. Many thanks for the generosity and opportunity! Apart from this, the USB receiver is the latest one from XMOS so you can be sure the USB connection will be noise and glitch-free. If you plan on using just a single output on the back, I strongly recommend changing its output on that particular one without engaging both of them. Listening to the legendary B.B.King – The Thrill is Gone (featuring Eric Clapton) and then to Early In The Morning (featuring Van Morrison) felt like pouring milk and honey over my ears.

Signal stays strong even with 3 concrete walls between the sender and D90 and in an open-space my apartment seems to be way too small to actually hear a stutter, losing a beat, or anything bad at all.

Everything is perfectly marked so there shouldn’t be any confusion about channels. I’m listening to a lot of blues, jazz and rock, so mostly to instrumental music and D90 always delivered everything I wanted. With it you can select from 6 digital filters that are working on the hardware level, you can select 3 brightness levels, desired input and output, the volume position. On the back of the unit you have all digital inputs and analogue outputs. The buttons Line Out, M, Auto and “headphone” don’t do anything. Matrix Audio Element X ($3000) VS Topping D90 ($700). Compared to the former AK4497 DAC chip, the pin number doubled from 64 to 128, the die-size increased and the power consumption increased as well. I’ve lived in France (île de la Réunion), but writing has always been my Achilles heel.

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