uipath orchestrator api 18

add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. The issue is encountered if the logIntoConsole parameter in the UiPath.settings file is set to true while using High-Density Robots. “Version”: “1.0.1”, “IsLatestVersion”: false, }. “State”: “Successful”, “Output”: null “@odata.context”: ” {{url}}/odata/$metadata#Robots”, “HasMediaRecorded”: false,

“ReleaseName”: “string”, Not Sure but Is it any UiPath API … }, “ValueType”: “DBConnectionString”, “OutputArguments”: “{}”, For more information on how to connect the Robot or Orchestrator correctly, see the Connecting Robots to Orchestrator article. { “RobotValues”: [ MyGet - Hosting your NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven, PHP Composer, Vsix, Python, and Ruby Gems packages “Key”: “string”, This procedure only works over un-authenticated proxy connections. “ValueScope”: “Global”, “CredentialStoreId”: 0, “Value”: “username: “, What is API? “Key”: “string”,

“Input”: null, Posted on November 14, 2019 May 21, 2020 by sumanthveeravelli. “EndTime”: “2019-09-27T16:25:52.053Z”, UiPath Orchestrator est une application Web qui gère, contrôle et surveille les robots d'UiPath Robot qui exécutent des processus métier répétitifs. “KeyValueList”: [ “IsActive”: false, Do not use any UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities with version less or equal than 18.3.6864.20582, and UiPath.Core.Activities with version less or equal than 2018.3.6864.20598. } “IsProcessDeleted”: false, Processes created before 2018.3 depend on the legacy UI Automation package, namely Core.Activities. And the HTTP Request activity needs in-depth study of the API requests body. If you are getting a Bad Request - Request too long - HTTP Error 400. This occurs when you try to start a job on a Robot whose credentials have been incorrectly provided in Orchestrator. “ValueScope”: “Global”, ],

“MachineName”: “string”, “PersistenceId”: null, By default, the legacy Core.Activities package is not published anywhere, so the migration meta-package is used.

When you run them in the current version, you must use a Core.Activities meta-package that migrates the activities using the new System and UIAutomation packages. Remove the legacy Core.Activities package from any custom feed before trying to execute the process again. NOTE: @odata.count will give the total number of Releases available in the orchestrator Jobs tab.

} For example, if you connected the Robot to Orchestrator using the ABC username, you cannot start jobs on the Robot from the tray or Studio using a different user, such as XYZ.

“value”: [ This error is displayed in the following cases:

All my implementation is based on this link. UiPath Orchestrator est une application Web qui gère, contrôle et surveille les robots d'UiPath Robot qui exécutent des processus métier répétitifs. “HostMachineName”: “string”, Si vous êtes sûr que le nom d'utilisateur avec lequel vous avez connecté le Robot à Orchestrator est le même que celui sur la machine, utilisez l'outil Regutil.exe pour désactiver la licence de Robot et effectuer la reconnexion à Orchestrator. Can you let me know the Access token is passed correctly and what are the headers you are trying to send?

To communicate with the orchestrator and to use its functionality from the third-party application, we need the Orchestrator API’s which helps in creating communication bridge both the Applications. Make sure the user names match. “Value”: “string”, This happens because the OKTA certificate cannot be added to the trusted root provider settings. Every time you try to start the Robot - This means that a logon session cannot be created at the moment. “Published”: “2019-06-06T09:19:12.247Z”,

} Deploy and manage your robot workforce at enterprise scale. “InputArguments”: null, “ProcessSettings”: null Orchestrator is the heart of your automation management. “IsLatestVersion”: true, { 11 1 1 bronze badge.

“StringValue”: “”, https://cloud.uipath.com/odata/Sessions To avoid this, generate different files for Robots and unique user IDs. } Also, remember to check out how to Open Projects Created with Previous Versions. “OldVersion”: null,

This is caused by an external issue. The error is thrown if the Robot password is not provided. “Description”: null, “Id”: 119460, “InputArguments”: null, “ReleaseVersionId”: 492076,

The default value is false. You are selecting bearer token as the authentication type, you don’t need to give “Bearer” along with the token. “CredentialUsername”: “string”, “Description”: null, If you are giving those along with the bearer token you got recently, it should work, ] The issues occur when not all users on a machine are connected as Robots to Orchestrator. asked Jun 26 at 14:17. UiPath Orchestrator is a web application that manages, controls and monitors UiPath Robots that run repetitive business processes.

“Description”: “”, } But still getting same error, Can you let me know the headers also @autpat.

APIs here are used to interact with the Orchestrator from any third-party application, even from the UiPath Studio/Robot.

You can change the expiry time, by modifying the value of the Auth.Cookie.Expire parameter, in the Web.config file. “Input”: null, “EnvironmentName”: “env1”, Basic functionality which can be achieved through APIs are. This is what an API is – all of this happens via API. Si le nom d'utilisateur du Robot se trouve dans un domaine, il doit être au format domain\username. Importing Users from the Active Directory, How the Connection Between the Robot and Orchestrator Works, Publishing a Project to Orchestrator from Studio, Setting Up Auto Login for Users Under an Active Directory Group, Setting Up Windows Server for High-Density Robots, About Database Migration from 2016.1 to 2016.2, Finding the Installed .NET Framework Version, Creating an Index Pattern to Connect to Elasticsearch, Using a Certificate for the HTTPS Protocol. } “Id”: 14681107 “IsLatestVersion”: true, share | improve this question | follow | asked Apr 1 at 8:18. “ReleaseVersionId”: null,

“StartTime”: “2019-09-27T16:27:22.527Z”,

“Source”: “Manual”, “Description”: “string”, Here receptionist will act as the intermediary as API, this is what an API will do. Because problem is there from last couple of days. This error is encountered if the username provided for the Robot does not coincide with the one used on the Robot machine.

“value”: [ 2answers 119 views How do i get orchestrator-Tenant option in ui path? “BoolValue”: true,

I have deployed a process in orchestrator. “Id”: “string”, However, if the legacy Core.Activities was published on custom feeds or Orchestrator by users, the legacy package is installed, which exhibits this error. }.

] { “@odata.count”: 1, We recommend that you also build your own examples. “Id”: “Generate_Yearly_Report”, Is there any setting to update the timeout period for access_token api. Here receptionist will act as the intermediary as API, this is what an API will do. “@odata.context”: ” {{url}}/odata/$metadata#Sessions(State)”, FOr every Post request for /oauth/token API will give fresh access_token. “HostMachineName”: “string”, This happens due to a Transport Layer Security failure for Windows devices attempting a TLS connection to a device that does not support Extended Master Secret.

] Hi, “SourceType”: “Manual”,

“StartingScheduleId”: null, { } “CredentialUsername”: “”, Check the Robot LAN Settings for an enabled proxy server. “Output”: null In IIS Manager, select your Orchestrator website and then navigate to, From the list of application pools, right-click. UiPath Orchestrator. “Version”: “”, “Name”: ” string “, { “Info”: “Job completed”, Thrown when trying to use OKTA authentication in Azure Web App deployments.

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