Business day, March 22nd, 3月22日企業を訪問

Today, we study all the day. After we checked out Youth Hostel, we went to a construction company by train. This is first time for them to take a train. The company is involved with Yap very much. We have very careful explanation about “development and environment” in this company. For Yap, development is very important word. “What do they want to change Yap from now on?” This is important question for them. In the afternoon, we moved by subway and visit the hotel, after we had lunch. “What can we do for environment in this business we know that obviously destroys environment. We must think too many things. And thank you for these companies to welcome kindly. After visiting these companies, we went to Hibiya Park, saw stone money which set in there, and came back to Youth Hostel. On arriving there, we had an explanation about homestay. After that, they were picked up by their host family.

130322前田講座01s 今日は一日勉強の日でした。午前中はユースホステルをチェックアウトした後、初めての電車に乗り、ヤップ島とも関係の深い建設会社に行ってきました。ここでは、開発と環境についてとても丁寧に説明してもらいました。



How do they feel about first trip by train? They looked little nervous for using tickets and riding on a train. And some Yapese was surprising at big noise made by train. Then, I wonder they have no idea to look stone money in Japan, they were surprised at stone money in Hibiya Park. Some Yapese thought why does this stone money fall sideways, another thought how valuable is this stone money. If you want to see the stone money, please look for!!

130322地下鉄の切符 初めての電車移動はみんなにとってどうだったのでしょうか。初めて切符を使って改札を通り、ほとんどの子が初めて乗る電車に緊張しながら乗っていました。電車から降りた後、電車が通りすぎるたびにする大きな音にとても驚いている子もいました。また、日本で見るとは思わなかったのか、日比谷公園にある石貨にもみんな驚いていたみたいです。驚きながらも、石貨の向きがちょっとおかしくて首をひねっている子や石貨の価値が気になっている子もいました。気になった方は日比谷公園で石貨を探してみてください!


They may be tired because they had so many newly experiences in few days. But can they relax at their homestay? Please enjoy your homestay!! I’m looking forward to sharing their experiences!

P.S. Sorry for being late for submitting;;
Written by Yuki Yoshimura


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