Seeds from Yap, Story #2, Ms. IWASAKI Mio

Growing the seeds for future

We asked her future plan and her ambition to raise researchers.

I think education is important. I want to educate at least one student. I have been supported by a lot of people around me. So now I want to support the next generation.

Her idea of education is based on her experiences that have not always been easy.

The relationship between professor and student in a university laboratory is like a teacher and a disciple, but I feel that it would disturb the development of young people if it goes too far. From my experience, I think people can grow up when they feel responsibility. It’s not just about someone doing it or following someone’s instructions. When that kind of spoiling disappears, I think it will be very painful, but you can gain responsibility to do something by themselves. People will probably start growing from there, and some will grow rapidly. I believe those people can change the world.

She also told us how to behave as a female researcher.

Now, the more female researchers promote, the fewer they are. In the case of women, I think that there are many people who are worried about their career and their private life, but even if they choose either one, there is certain pressure to take all responsibility to their choice. I think it is good to have a world where women can live more comfortably. I also had difficulty finding my role models. I hope to be a good example for someone.

She had struggled with her closed environment and faced herself the most in her life when she was in junior high school. At that time she gained a chance to visit Yap island and broadened her world. As a researcher and as a human she definitely grew her seeds to a fruit. Now she has the justice to grow the seeds of the next generation.

We can imagine that her life itself can grow a variety of seeds in the future.

I dream that my work will be introduced in the textbook one day. And I want to enjoy my research as a researcher.  I would like to have a reunion with the people who went to Yap together one day!

Interview by KAWAGUCHI Daisuke, participant of 1999, Translation by NAOI Saki, participant of 2015