Ex-participants enjoyed talking online with friends

Big reunion of Yap & Kaohagan Program Cerebrating 30th year



Celebrating 30th year since ECOPLUS started the program in Yap, Micronesia and Kaohagan in the Philippines, a big reunion was held online on Sept. 4, 2021. Ex-participants who were elementary students to early 20s were now well grown adults living in all over Japan and the world from Hokkaido to Okinawa, US, Europe, Australia and other Asian countries. All of those enjoyed talking with old friends doing the session.

I addition to the ex-participants and supporting staff, we had Tina, Linda, both participated invitation tour to Japan in 1997, and En, Sean, both participated Japan tour in 2013, 17 and 19, from Yap.



Under the direction of Nigatsu, participated in 1994, and Daisuke, participated in 1999, the event was proceeded. TAKANO Takako, executive director of ECOPLUS had a presentation about the situation of Yap and Kaohagan. OHMAE Jun-ichi, Manager of ECOPLUS, explained about it projects in Yap for sustainable future.

Based on the year of participation, we broke out into 18 sessions. Some were first time to join in such reunion but participants clearly identified each other with old memory and chatting were not easy to be stopped.



In the second general session, messages from Yap were given then 4 ex-participants had short talk about their life after the program. One person working for a Japanese trading company stationed in Australia said “I leaned the way to hear the voice from the different culture in the program. It was the base for my life. Now the capitalism is seeking the harmonious relations with the nature. It might be the good time for the ex-participants to work together”.




After another breakout session, the event was concluded in two hours and 15 minutes. After the official closing, still we had an half of the participants in the conference room and continued talking.

During the meeting faces of some month old babies to junior high children were repeatedly appeared. In these 30 years, a wave of one generation surely progressed.

“What is the true happiness?” This was the main common theme of our past programs. Through out the session, each person looks like living their life with this question in mind.