Closed; Traditional Japanese life experience in Niigata

Field Trip for the International Outdoor Education Research Conference 10

  • 220103大沢からの巻機山部分

Staying in a small mountainous village, “Shimizu” in Niigata with snow often over 4 meters in mid winer, you may experience the traditional lifestyle of “snow country” deeply connected with nature. The inn has over nine-hundred-year history and the owner is an experienced bear-hunter. Hiking with traditional local snowshoes, snow shoveling, conversation with locals, tasting local dishes with preserved edible plants, sake and more… ECOPLUS, a non-profit organization, chaired by Professor TAKANO Takako has been providing place-based educational programs in this area.

Gathering Time and Place
10:00 on March 2, 2024, at Echigo-Yuzawa Station of Joetsu Shinkansen.

Suggested train schedule from Tokyo
  Joetsu Shinkansen Toki 307
 Departing Tokyo at 08:24, arriving Echigo-Yuzawa at 09:39

Departing Time and Place
16:00 on March 3, 2024, at Echigo-Yuzawa Station of Joetsu Shinkansen. You may take Toki Express 330 leaving Echigo-Yuzawa Station at 16:25 which will take you to Tokyo Station at 17:40

Contents (tentative and may be changed by the weather condition):
Day 1, Stroll the village, snow shoe hike, snow shoveling, tasting local food and sake! 
Day 2, Talk with locals, visiting sake brewery, hot springs…

22,000 JPY, including lodging, three meals, program fee, insurance and others. We will send the invoice for credit card payment you once you register using the form below.
For the transportation from Tokyo, the cost of Shinkansen on standard reserved car, will be 13,560 JPY for the round trip.

Capacity: Maximum 12 persons, minimum 5 persons.

In the gathering space, meals are served.

Accommodations: A local inn, called “Min-shuku,” in Shimzu village. Rooms are shared with 2-3 persons separated with gender. You will sleep in traditional futon on tatami matless. 

Fur of a bear, the owner hunted.

Shimizu Village: The village has 19 families of total 50 people as of April 2023. It sits on the 600 meters elevation, halfway up to the Mt. Makihata (1,967 meters high). Aging and depopulation are the keen issues but still villagers are keeping the skills and knowledges to survive in tough climate condition enjoying the rich and beautiful environment. ECOPLUS has been working with the village for more than two decades organizing programs and projects based on the knowledges and skills of villagers and the nature of the area.

For the sustainable and peaceful future