Messages from host families 新潟のホストファミリーから 

“Only for one day, but I enjoyed precious time with my wonderful son.” (from a host mother)

  • We are collecting surveys from host families in Niigata.
  • Karate/Judo, Kimono dressing, Candles in snow hole,
  • Walking along Bokushi-street, Shopping, cooking Gyoza, Shabu-Shabu…
  • Play with Host Sisters/Brothers, Challenge Skiing,
  • Sit tight on massage chair, Talking about their villages,
  • Talking about their Futures…

Some mothers felt nervous about their kid’s health because some of them did not use tick “Futon”.

We wonder what they thought in the plane leaving Narita Airport.

Also, there were many surveys saying 1 day trip was too short. Cooperation between host families or schedule improvement would make next program better. We will make these voices as reflection and try to make better program.

130410南魚沼アンケート「たった1日 すてきな息子ができて、幸せなひとときでした」(あるホストマザーより)


  • 空手・柔道体験、着物着付、雪灯籠づくり、牧之通り散策、ショッピング、餃子づくり、しゃぶしゃぶ、、、
  • いろいろな場所へ行き、いろいろな物を食べ、ホストシスター・ブラザーと遊んだり、
  • スキーにチャレンジしたり、マッサージ機にはまったり、
  • 自分の村のことや将来の夢を語ったり、
  • 時には布団をかけずに寝てお母さんを心配させたり。





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