Day 5) Move to the snow country 初めての雪にびっくり

Snow in Minami-Uonuma. 大きな雪が迎えてくれた。
After farewell to the host family, We left Tokyo to Niigata. We shared the precious memory of a fun homestay and the feeling of expectation for the first snow in the bus.

After the Kanetsu tunnel, the snowy landscape showed up.The beautiful scenery took our breath away.
In Niigata, the local high school students came to meet us. We shared our own culture and the problems what we have each other.




Snow lantern. 雪灯籠で楽しむ。
In the evening we walked around the snow. We enjoyed the snow by throwing the snow balls each other and drinking the water from the melting snow.For dinner we ate local cuisines and self-made miso-soup and rice, After the dinner, we went out again and tried to make snow-candles. All of us made our original snow candles.


Reported by OHNISHI Mao, NAOI Saki