Day 9) Reporting Session with a lot of smiles 笑顔に包まれた最後の報告会

Reflection discussion in Tokyo

Today, we went back from Niigata to Tokyo by bus. It was impressive that the students from Yap tried to see out of the window not to forget the scenery of Niigata. In the bus, they reflected what they had done in these nine days with the pictures.



Reporting Session with a lot of persons.

After arrived at Tokyo, they deepened their learnings during this program and discussed what kind of future did they want in Yap. Then, they considered what they could do by themselves to make it happen.

During a farewell party in the evening, the students from Yap gave a presentation about their desired future of Yap and their learnings. Many people came and joined the farewell party including our supporters, host families and the people who had been to Yap. Thanks to them, it was a worm and wonderful party.


Reported by NAOI Saki and ITO Sakurako